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Los Angeles, kind of, October 2002 to June 2003: The Lakers won the 2000, 2001 and 2002 NBA Titles, and the staff then known because the Anaheim Angels won the 2002 World Series. New England going away from crimson two a long time in the past then darkening their blue earlier than the start of the 2000 season was a uniform regression executed twice. New York, kind of, June 2000 to June 2001: The Yankees won the 1999 and 2000 World Series, and the brand new Jersey Devils won the 2000 Stanley Cup. Pittsburgh, June 2009 to February 2010: The Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII in 2009, and the Pittsburgh Penguins won the 2009 Stanley Cup. Well, we (the New England Patriots) won the Super Bowl in February and tonight the pregame show was all about celebrating the hard fought victory. Pittsburgh has won an ABA Title (1968 Pipers), but hasn't had an NBA staff since the league's first season, 1946-47. Miami, St. Louis and Washington have won all however the Stanley Cup. New York, December 1927 to December 1928: The brand new York Yankees won the 1927 and 1928 World Series, the brand new York Giants won the 1927 NFL Championship, and the brand new York Rangers won the 1928 Stanley Cup.New York, December 1956 to October 1957: The Yankees won the 1956 World Series, and the Giants won the 1956 NFL Championship. New York, December 1938 to December 1939: The Yankees won the 1938 and 1939 World Series, and the Giants won the 1938 NFL Championship. Detroit, April to December 1954: The Lions won the 1952 and 1953 NFL Championship, although misplaced the Championship Game in 1954; and the Red Wings won the 1954 and 1955 Stanley Cups. Detroit, December 1935 to October 1936: The Detroit Tigers won the 1935 World Series, the Detroit Lions won the 1935 NFL Championship, and the Detroit Red Wings won the 1936 Stanley Cup. Boston, kind of, April to October 1929: The Rhode Island-based Providence Steam Roller (for some purpose, it was by no means the plural "Rollers") won the 1928 NFL Championship, and the Boston Bruins won the 1929 Stanley Cup. New York, April to October 1940: The Yankees won the 1939 World Series, and the Rangers won the 1940 Stanley Cup.New York, April 1933 to April 1934: The Rangers won the 1933 Stanley Cup, and the baseball model of the brand new York Giants won the 1933 World Series. New York, October 1969 to January 1970: The brand new York Jets won Super Bowl III in 1969, and the brand new York Mets won the 1969 World Series. New York, May to October 1970: The Mets won the 1969 World Series, and the brand new York Knicks won the 1970 NBA Title. San Francisco, particularly Oakland, May to October 1975: The Oakland Athletics won the 1974 World Series (and 1972 and 1973), and the Golden State Warriors won the 1975 NBA Title. Los Angeles (twice, and, kind of, a 3rd time), New York, Boston and San Francisco (by Oakland) are the only metro areas to carry the MLB and NBA titles at the identical time. Press Guide. 1988 SAN FRANCISCO 49ers. cowl photo of TOM RATHMAN. San Francisco, kind of, October 1989 to October 1990: The San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowl XXIII in 1989 and Super Bowl XXIV in 1990, and the Oakland Athletics won the 1989 World Series, towards the San Francisco Giants. New York (5 instances), Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, New York, and, kind of, Cleveland and San Francisco are the only metro areas to carry the MLB and NFL titles at the identical time. We now have purpose to believe all of these titles are tainted. Today we ran around the yard - no lengthy walks in the woods proper now as it's just too chilly - and he jumped and rolled round in the snow. One Bills fan that I met (a particularly immature one for somebody over thirty years outdated, I might add) mentioned that if Norwood walked by the door at any given second, he would punch him proper in the face. He sits in the door methods to watch me and if I rise up to go into another room he follows and sits in that doorway. Shorty follows me around the house as if I might disappear. The house was packed and excited. As many instances because the Bruins and Celtics have reached their sport's finals, they've by no means each won in the identical 12 months, though they've won in back-to-back years (Celtics in '69, Bruins in '70).

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George Blanda QB-K 1975 Oakland Raiders September 17, 1927
Morten Andersen K 2007 Atlanta Falcons August 19, 1960
Ben Agajanian K 1964 San Diego Chargers August 28, 1919
Gary Anderson K 2004 Tennessee Titans July 16, 1959
John Carney K 2010 New Orleans Saints April 20, 1964
Bobby Marshall E 1925 Duluth Kelleys March 12, 1880
John Nesser G-T 1921 Columbus Panhandles April 25, 1876
Steve DeBerg QB 1998 Atlanta Falcons January 19, 1954
Warren Moon QB 2000 Kansas City Chiefs November 18, 1956
Eddie Murray K 2000 Washington Redskins August 29, 1956
Vinny Testaverde QB 2007 Carolina Panthers November 13, 1963
Adam Vinatieri* K 2018 Indianapolis Colts December 28, 1972
Ray Brown G 2005 Washington Redskins December 12, 1962
Matt Bryant* K 2018 Atlanta Falcons May 29, 1975
Phil Dawson* K 2018 Arizona Cardinals January 23, 1975
Jeff Feagles P 2009 New York Giants March 7, 1966
Doug Flutie QB 2005 New England Patriots October 23, 1962
Lou Groza T-K 1967 Cleveland Browns January 25, 1924
Sean Landeta P 2005 Philadelphia Eagles January 6, 1962
Jan Stenerud K 1985 Minnesota Vikings November 26, 1942
Matt Turk Golden Jersey Jersey Golden Knights Knights New New P 2011 Houston Texans/Jacksonville Jaguars June 16, 1968
Darrell Green CB 2002 Washington Redskins February 15, 1960
Jason Hanson K 2012 Detroit Lions June 7, 1970
John Kasay K 2011 New Orleans Saints October 27, 1969
Shane Lechler P 2017 Houston Texans August 7, 1976
Earl Morrall QB 1976 Miami Dolphins May 17, 1934
Jerry Rice WR 2004 Oakland Raiders/Seattle Seahawks October 13, 1962
Bryan Barker P 2005 St. Louis Rams June 28, 1964
Tom Brady* Golden Jersey Jersey Golden Knights Knights New New QB 2018 New England Patriots August 3, 1977
Mark Brunell QB 2011 New York Jets September 17, 1970
Brett Favre QB 2010 Minnesota Vikings October 10, 1969
Lee Johnson P 2002 Philadelphia Eagles November 27, 1961
Trey Junkin TE 2002 New York Giants Golden Jersey Jersey Golden Knights Knights New New January 23, 1961
Jim Marshall DE 1979 Minnesota Vikings December 30, 1937
Jackie Slater T-G 1995 St. Louis Rams May 27, 1954
Matt Stover K 2009 Indianapolis Colts January 27, 1968
Ken Strong HB-K 1947 New York Giants April 21, 1906
Golden Jersey Jersey Golden Knights Knights New New -40-
Darren Bennett P 2005 Minnesota Vikings January 9, 1965
Charlie Conerly QB 1961 New York Giants September 19, 1921
Len Dawson QB 1975 Kansas City Chiefs June 20, 1935
Vince Evans QB 1995 Oakland Raiders June 14, 1955
Joe Ferguson QB 1990 Indianapolis Colts April 23, 1950
Jim Hart QB Golden Jersey Jersey Golden Knights Knights New New 1984 Washington Redskins Golden Jersey Jersey Golden Knights Knights New New April 29, 1944
Matt Hasselbeck QB 2015 Indianapolis Colts September 25, 1975
Mike Horan P 1999 St. Louis Rams February 1, 1959
Sebastian Janikowski* K 2018 Seattle Seahawks March 2, 1978
Brad Johnson QB 2008 Dallas Cowboys September 13, 1968
Sonny Jurgensen QB 1974 Washington Redskins August 23, 1934
Dave Krieg QB 1998 Tennessee Oilers October 20, 1958
Pat Leahy K 1991 New York Jets March 19, 1951
Nick Lowery K 1996 New York Jets May 27, 1956
Bruce Matthews OL 2001 Tennessee Titans August 8, 1961
Clay Matthews LB 1996 Atlanta Falcons March 15, 1956
Phil Nesser G-T-WB 1921 Columbus Panhandles December 10, 1880
Sav Rocca P 2013 Washington Redskins November 20, 1973
Junior Seau LB 2009 New England Patriots January 19, 1969
Bruce Smith DE 2003 Washington Redskins June 18, 1963
Jim Thorpe HB 1928 Chicago Cardinals May 28, 1888
Johnny Unitas QB 1973 San Diego Chargers May 7, 1933
Jeff Van Note C 1986 Atlanta Falcons February 7, 1946
Wade Wilson+ QB 1999 Oakland Raiders February 1, 1959